Jaguar Defence Academy – Creating Next Generation Officers

Jaguar Defence Academy

Jaguar defence academy etablished in memory of those who felt that knowledge is wisdom and it empowers the mind and soul to the level of infinity. Jaguar Defence Academy was established in 2016 as a top ranking institute in Lucknow Region solely with the aim of helping serious and curious students to achieve success in various Defence Services by providing the best quality coaching with best environment. The method, content and teaching standards established by JDA have become synonymous with success in the minds of thousands of candidates across the country. This academy established with an idea to groom young blood for the most dynamic and challenging career of armed forces.

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. We are working towards to achieve the essence of perfection in the field of wisdom to shape you all to lead and live with respect and dignity with a glorious career in Indian armed forces. We don't let you to stay an average, we motivate you to challenge yourself to be an awesome.

In recent years Jaguar Defence Academy has surfaced as one of the best Defence Coaching Centers in the North India region. The JDA’s incisive training prepares individuals to crack the coveted defence exams and interviews. This defence academy in Sikar believes in turning the education into a reputed Job. As the institute has already crossed the markup of 1500+ selections in various defence services

Why Jaguar Defence Academy ?


JDA emphasizes on the use of IT for teaching and in its operations. Consequently, it has deployed modern IT hardware, software on campus.

At the same time we conduct outdoor classes too for physicals to keep students body fit & active. It also has a well stoked library containing reference materials, Indian and International books and magazines to increase knowledge base of students.

The faculty is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the academy. JDA have an expert faculty for each & every subjects. The rich diversity of their backgrounds install in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence.

we've got two words for you. Stay Smart! That's convenient, without the cumbersome. In JDA we with all our infra we not only teach you, we train you with audio video classes, physical training's & continues practices.

Scholarships available & a discount for defence personal's offsprings.

Aim of JDA

hampions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream but All resources becomes useless if you don't know how to use it. An unsystematic knowledge always misleads to the wrong path.

In Jaguar Defence Academy we not only teach you, we train you. There is slight practical difference between teaching & training. A teaching only gives you knowledge but a training curriculums inculcate the same in your habits by regular practicing & make you master of it.

JDA aims to provide a platform to all urban, semi urban & rural students by instigating the fruit of quality education & training to nurture a new breed of leaders to empower the nation by shaping their dreams into reality.