In the earlier times, school and college studies were just enough to crack any of the competitive exams but now the time has changed. Today, self-study and MNS preparation go hand in hand. If the hard work of students is important then studying with the right techniques and approach is also equally important. This cutthroat competition has given rise to the need for MNS Coaching classes that pay special attention to the students and prepare them well for exams. These techniques are not easy to understand on your own and so a MNS coaching plays an essential role in cracking the MNS exams.
MNS is a national level examination conducted by DGMS. The candidates who want to get admissions in Nursing courses to join Indian Army must qualify from the entrance test of MNS. The questions of MNS only come from the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General English and General Intelligence. There are 150 questions from all the subjects that carry 1 marks each. The question paper of MNS are intermediate level based therefore revising 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Biology books that are following CBSE Syllabus is a must. For the subjects like General English and General Intelligence, one must keep practicing daily for reasoning and keep an eye on General knowledge. The MNS Exam doesn’t have a negative marking. Every year there are more and more candidates who apply for MNS Exam to pursue a career in Indian Army and serve as a Nurse. Thus, preparing for MNS 2022 in 90 DAYS is a challenging feat. However, it is possible with your hard work and preparation strategies.
In this article, we the team of Jaguar Defence Academy, provide some important tips on how to prepare for MNS in 90 DAYS.  Candidates interested in getting a good MNS score in the limited time left, can get from help here to make a smart preparation plan for their study. The first step towards this, is to understand the priority of the subject wise MNS topics according to their difficulty level and weightage in the exam. Read on to understand the MNS exam pattern and get clarity on how to prepare for MNS in 90 DAYS.


According to the MNS exam pattern, 50 questions are from Physics, Chemistry and Biology, 50 questions from General Intelligence and 50 questions from General English. It is advised that you do subject-wise preparation for the exam. Divide your time and efforts accordingly. In this article, we provide you with the subject wise strategies along with the list of important topics in the exam. This will help you in planning your preparation strategy for MNS in 90 SAYS.

1. Make a Study Routine:

•Follow the 3 day Plan.
•Go through the syllabus and divide the topics across the first 45-50 days.
•Keep in mind that you should not spend more than 3 days on a single chapter.
•It is advised that you complete the syllabus 10- 15 days prior to the exam.
•Thus, the last 15 days will be helpful for you in revising the concepts.

2.  Take tough decisions:

•Don’t stick to easy topics or start new topics.
•Always cover and be prepared with all the concepts of MNS syllabus, avoid any new topic at the end moment which is not on high priority for the exam or difficult topics which are taking a lot of time.
•Focus on the topics that you have studied earlier.
•Remember the basic formulae and go through the questions asked in the previous year exams.

3. Fix your priorities

•Mark out the important topics and then prioritize the concepts which needs to be completed. You will find important topics in the next section of this article.
•Try to work on the easier ones first and then move on to the difficult ones.
4. Practice numerical problems 
•Practice problems from NCERT books.
•Revise the formulas daily so as to improve your speed of problem-solving.
•Make short tricks for calculations to reduce time taken.
Revise & Practice – As you know that not much time is left, spend less time on studying the topics and more on revision and make a practice of answering questions. Once you are done, go for the repetitive practice. It will be helpful for you in improving your knowledge of the concepts. Also, you will be able to improve your problem-solving speed.
Make Short Notes- Once you have shortlisted important topics, make sure that you make short notes for each of them while studying. It will be helpful for you in quick revisions whenever needed. Jaguar Defence Academy’s class notes are very helpful in this exams as it is drafted according to the latest pattern of the MNS examination.
Solve Previous Year Question Papers – It is mandatory for you to solve previous year papers. It will be helpful for you in understanding the exam trends and to practice for the actual exam. It is advised that you arrange previous year papers for at least 5-6 years and solve them in order to score good.
Good Physical And Mental Health- Do not let your stress build-up. Focus on the preparation for now and not on the result. Try to follow a healthy routine. Make sure that you are mentally and physically fit. Try to follow a exercise routine, meditation or any other method that helps you keep stress under control. Make daily goals achieving which will boost your confidence.
Discipline- Discipline is very important for success in MNS exam. You should make sure that you are sleeping on time and your schedule matches with the schedule of the examination. Try to practice the question papers as per the exam timing. It will be helpful for your mind in getting prepared for the exam duration and the schedule. Also, make attempting the exam a daily habit with adequate practice.
Regular Study- Regular study is very important for you to excel. You do not have many days to lose. Also, when you are done with 1 session of practicing for each chapter, try to revise immediately.
Focus– Remember, you should be focused on the study. Preparation for MNS has to be your top priority now. Make sure that you are studying regularly without any obstructions. Also, your focus should not only be cracking the exam but to secure a top score.
Direction– Make sure that you are keeping track of your work. It will be helpful for you in identifying your progress.
MNS Mock Test- Apart from the traditional preparation strategy, you can also attempt Mock test framed specifically for MNS aspirants. Jaguar Defence Academy‘s MNS mock test is a combination of the latest question papers designed by the experts. Since attempting these MNS mock test is totally worth, practice all of them. It will be helpful for you in preparing for each of the concepts.
We at Jaguar Defence Academy, highly recommend preparation for MNS 2020 to get that extra edge over others and ace the MNS 2020. In this article, we have discussed the relative importance of the topics for MNS and given you tips to prepare for MNS 2020 within 2 months. If you work diligently for these 2 months, you will definitely score well. Important tools to help you with this task like Crash CourseMock Test Series, Sample papers, etc. can be found on Jaguar Defence Academy.
We hope that this article on How to Prepare for MNS in 2 months is useful for you. If you have any query or feedback to share with us, please feel free to drop a comment below. We will get back to you at the earliest. Meanwhile, Jaguar Defence Academy wishes you all the very best for your exams.