IT Branch

Indian Navy provides excellent career opportunities in the field of IT. Personnel gain hands-on experience in operations, maintenance and administration of state-of-the art networks, IT infrastructure and advanced IT/InfoSec application. They are exposed to handling niche technology and R&D functions as part of standard growth profile. Naval IT setup is unique since it involves not only shore based establishments but also afloat units, which require to maintain connectivity and synchronized operations. The charter of duties of IT officer includes the following:-

  • Implementation of enterprise-wide networking and software development projects.
  • Management of critical naval networks and software applications.
  • Administration of ashore and afloat networks.
  • Development activities with respect to cyber security products
  • Administration of cyber security incident response and cyber forensics.

SSC(Information Technology )

Male only





The candidates must possess at least 60% marks in one of the following:-

  • BE/B.Tech (Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/IT)
  • Sc (IT)
  • Tech (Computer Science)
  • Sc (Computer)